Why Choose Costations?

Codrim’s self-developed technology, with the great experience on building mobile ads and big data platform, shares the
mature-operated mobile ads platform with the partners, which were self-owned before. In this way, every company could
have its own mobile ads platform easily, and realize the goal of Immediate Usage after Integration.


Our triple protection mechanism, enterprise-level hardware firewall, self-developed
TDS protection system, independent user authority management, all aim to
ensure the data safety.

Stable and Reliable

Internet Data Center (IDC) back up mechanism, with stable business database,
clustering functional components, strict development review mechanism, multiple

Strengths of Costations
  • No Cost of Hardware

    All servers and broadband fee is paid by Codrim, so users don’t need to afford any hardware cost, which highly save for developing own systems.

  • Fast and Easy-Matched Integration

    Our global adaptive mainstream integration is easy, convenient and time-saved, including integration with third party tracking, advertisers and publishers.

  • High Cost Performance Ratio

    With a little amount of service fee, you could have your own mature mobile ads platform. It could help you manage every ad, every affiliate and every cent of money efficiently.

  • Strong Data Analysis

    Costations’s detailed data analysis could help you analyze and have data mining. The inquiry of the third party could also enlarge the data sample and satisfy the operational needs of enterprise users.

  • Sustainable Development

    According to enterprise users’ needs, Costations updates its performance and function timely with continues learning. It could save resources and make the platform faster, more flexible with stronger expansion capability.

  • Multiple Languages

    The platform language is based on China and oversea’s industry habits, translated by experienced industry practitioners. No machine translation. All professional terms and definition of all parameters are easily understood, which could help users from different places use the platform without restriction.

Process of Cooperation
  • 1.Register:

    Please register from codrim.net.

  • 2.Free-Trial:

    After approval, you will get 45-day free trial of the platform with all service open.

  • 3.Payment:

    According to your situation, pick up the relevant package and pay for the service.

  • 4.Integration:

    Input your tracking link(created from your own system or from third party tracking system) to Costations, with easy setting, you could start your campaign. (Notice: Costations has been integrated with mainstream third party tracking systems, e.g. Appsflyer, Adjust etc.)

Discount and Bonus
  • Sweet Festival Gifts
    At special festivals, you will receive a gift with best wishes and warmness.
  • Cash Bonus
    Great amount of cash bonus will be given if you use our Costations platform. (Please check the detail information at Codrim.net.)
  • 免费体验
  • Abundant Enterprise Service Welfare
    We stay with many third party Chinese O2O service providers, for example, Getui, LJSDK, Yiziyun, and provide attractive welfares for platform users.
  • Customized Marketing Plan
    customize the solution plan based on your needs, and reach the goal of advertization or monetization.
Ad Optimization Service

Ad Optimization Service is provided to help companies get best Ad performance on PAD in a more convenient and efficient way.
With the use of the technology of big data analysis and monitoring, PAD successfully helps companies do multidimensional
optimization to hit the goals and enter global market quickly.

Fraud Prevention

Our filtration system can track mobile devices and users behaviors in
details, which can effectively identify traffic from a mobile device
or a PC browser to prevent any fraudulent traffic.

Precise User Profile

Based on the deep analysis of over 100 million mobile devices and
the collection of thousands of users demands, big data of rich user
profiles lay a great foundation on precise targeting. Besides, with the
help of the third party data, like GeTui and LZSDK, this technology
can greatly restore user profiles and prevent fraudulent traffic.

PAD Advantages
  • Integrated with global premier traffic

    The one-stop platform PAD is already integrated with most of world famous platforms, including DSP, Ad Exchange, Ad Network, APP and etc.

  • Flexible Models

    PAD supports four main payment models: CPA, CPC, CPM and CPS, which means you can choose any one for your convenience.

  • Tailor Solutions for You

    We will tailor any kind of solutions for you, such as traffic buying, burst ranking, ASO, top search and etc.

  • Adapt to All Mainstream Ad Formats

    Various Ad formats such as Native Ads, video, interstitial and banners are provided to meet your needs by integrating with global premier traffic sources.


Burst Ranking:The method of bursting ranking is adopted when developers of utilities and games aims to entering top
rankings in Google Play Store or App Store in short periods to get more exposure and attract more natural users.
The common ways are to attract real users by giving bonus on credit wall, web wall, social wall, banner and interstitial.

Product:Xing Xing Da Che (previous I Have Car)
Goal: Get rank of TOP15 of Travel in Apple Appstore
1. Got the topest rank of TOP8, lowest TOP14
2. Brought 150,000 new users, includes 14,000 organic users
3. Brought extra 3000 daily taxi booking transaction

ASO:ASO aims to increase APP’s ranking in kinds of application stores or search results, among which the most
popular store is App Store.

Product:Bingdu News
Goal:Using ASO to rank TOP5 in the word of NEWS in Apple Appstore

Achievement:1.Got the highest rank at TOP3, lowest TOP 5
2.New brought users 100,000, including 20,000 organic natural users

Top Search:Top search helps lead users to searching designate key words
(may be product name) and repeat downloading the app, which makes
the app ranks top 10 in a list and increase its exposure so as to attract
more organic users.

Product:Solitaire free
Goal:Get named at Trending Searches in Apple Appstore
Achievement:Be in Trending Searches for three days
Update frequency of the chart: every 6 hours
Suggestions: Burst for 1-3 times during the prime time everyday

General Promotion:General Promotion means advertiser buys traffic normally
to acquire more users in a short period.

Product:Clash of Kings
Goal:20,000 installs/day, get the top rankings and keep it for a period
Achievement:Burst from TOP486 to TOP46