Events for Costations' Launch

Dear Partners,

Costations is a global mobile traffic trading platform developed by Codrim Information Technology Co., Limited. After several-month closed beta, it is launched on April 18th. Costations aggregates the functions of Ad and publishers’ management, performance analysis, technical integration and big data analysis, etc. And it has won good reviews in helping partners explore global business since its closed beta. Meanwhile, we are really grateful to our partners for your feedbacks about bugs and user experiences. With your help and support, Codrim has been improved a lot and become a safe, reliable and stable platform.

In order to thank our partners and encourage your passion, we have put forward a new incentive policy for you. Following are the details:

1. Period: From April 18th, 2016 to June 18th, 2016

2. Target Users: Company and Individual (including developers and affiliates)

3. Registration Method: Contact Codrim’s business manager or send email to for registration

4. Rewards

1) Advertisers get a chance to win 100$ in cash if one advertiser creates 20,000 unique clicks on Costations during the event period.

2) User A and Advertiser B could win 100$ in cash respectively if user A successfully invites Advertiser B to be an advertiser and create 20,000 unique clicks on Costations during the event period.

3) During the event period, all clicks from new users are for free.

5. Event Notes:

1) Event participants need to send your Costations account to Codrim’s BD or the designate email: with a small description of yourself, your demands and your target Geos.

2) It may take 2 working days to verify your application. Please be patient to wait for the result.

3) This event is only available to real companies and real individuals. Users sending fraud traffic will not be allowed to participate in this event.

4) Codrim reserves all rights to this event.

Codrim Information Technology Co., Limited

April 16th, 2016