Together with TuSDK, Codrim, a Mobile Ads Platform on the Cloud, Launches a Chinese VIP Promotion Strategic Cooperative Plan


Codrim, the first global mobile traffic trading platform, professionally serves application advertisers who have promotion need, ad networks that have monetization need and developers who need mobile ads platform service on the cloud. These days, Codrim announces that a new strategic cooperation has been started with TuSDK, a Chinese leading mobile image processing provider.

Codrim and TuSDK have reached an agreement to become strategic cooperative partnership.

From 2015, on one hand, the mainland capitalization environment is greatly influenced by stock disaster and getting worse sharply. On the other hand, BAT and other industry magnates speed up the movement of enclosure, deeply work in all industry and race to control the last several business opportunities in mobile industry, which lead to developers’ dilemma. According to incomplete statistics, in 2015, only in Chengdu, more than 900 companies of mobile game industry collapsed. As more and more mobile products have a trend of homogeneous, if the company wants to survive in this era and leaves the dilemma of homogeneous, it is a must to increase the quality and management of the products and enterprises as soon as possible. All mobile enterprises have to focus on its own core products and competitive advantages, and make full use of the limited resources on core product development.

To increase operational efficiency, more and more developers embraced third party service, which saves time for them to develop their core products and business. However, there is a sharp contrast, although Chinese mobile Internet industry has an intense competition, the overseas market is still empty, which still needs a window for Chinese developers to go outside. Chinese mobile Internet companies are really good at promotion and monetization, but in the global world of more than 270 countries and areas, the localization of promotion has great troubles, especially in technology adaptation and user acquisition.

The cooperation between Codrim and TuSDK will bring a one-stop solution to app developers with service of image enhancement, face characteristic recognition, machine learning, mobile ads platform on the cloud and traffic trading platform, which helps developers to deal with difficulties of image processing, problems of technology of global promotion and difficulties of user acquisition. As is reported, TuSDK is going to take Codrim as the first global promotion and monetization service provider in high priority by recommending its users to try CoStations, Codrim’s self-developed traffic trading platform. Codrim’s registered users will receive a gift-set of 30-day image enhancement module for free, 15% discount for the paid service, 100,000 times of face recognition API. Meantime, TuSDK users who register on CoStations and have 10,000 clicks on the platform will also receive 600,000 free clicks monthly on CoStations (valid for 90 days), additional free gift of 500 IOS installs from domestic offer wall and 12% off for paid service, with a great recommendation to global users for image processing technology from TuSDK.

By this cooperation, Codrim and TuSDK will strengthen their own product line, create unique value for global mobile users and effectively provide the solution to application global promotion, monetization and image processing problems.

New Product from Codrim-Launch of CoStations

1.The first global mobile traffic trading platform, accelerate ads promotion and app monetization

One account, easily manages global numerous offers, advertisers and publishers

Simple and easy operation, never be afraid of technology difficulties

Global qualified offers and publishers collected in Offer Market

Real time data search in report, accurate to every original parameter from every End-user

GEO targeting and cap limitation funtions help to set the right offer target place and control the budget

Free to add new advertisers and publishers on Costations

2.Domestic version for Chinese users, becoming the only one SaaS platform that simultaneously adapted both domestic and overseas distribution service.

Support domestic IOS ranking, ASO service, quick task for IOS offers, click report and other technical integration service

Support domestic Android apk offers promotion, no need to build up your own system for your partners to report and search data

Support data manual input, abandon excel data report which is easy to make mistakes

Perfect switch in languages (Chinese and English), Currency (Chinese RMB and US dollar) and time zone, always easy to understand the platform usage.

3.Product of the Best Quality, Service of the Best profession

Ensure 99+% product stability

In less than 1 month after launch, more than 10,000 registered users globally, including some famous advertisers, ad network, app developers such as Fyber, Kika, ZiTiGuanJia, Hummermobi, Xingyun, Affle, BiddingX, etc.

Fast response to users need, global integration technology adapated, global server nodes

7x24hours personal service to paid users

【TuSDK Face Recognition Function】

1. A face beauty live broadcast product based on face recognition, which is more delicate and much faster.

More delicate intelligent face beauty function, newly added the experience of eyes enlarging and facial lift, strongly support internet fashion icon anchor to become more pretty

Customized filters and personalized background

Interesting dynamic stickers, increase the purchase rate of the live broadcast users

2. Offline SDK and online API for face recognition

Face recognition accuracy rate as high as 98.2%-99.1%

Self-developed enhanced detection, supported maximum 160° bidirectional detection

Only 30 ms needed for 30 points face recognition plan, supported more accuracy customize pointing plan

SDK and API integration supported, with private cloud storage available

【Introduction of Codrim】

Codrim, the leading global mobile traffic trading platform, holding a vision of becoming the aircraft carriers for global mobile application and game promotion, aims to provide solutions to problems of technology and user acquisition during the traffic trading between advertisers and publishers. It provides the service of mobile ads platform on the cloud, traffic trading, ads optimization service and guaranteed payment, etc. Having more than 10,000 partners globally, its users’ mobile ads platform on the cloud helps to save 30+% technology and intermediate costs and increase the efficiency of app promotion and monetization. In 2015, Codrim received investment from several famous domestic investment institutions.

【Introduction of TuSDK】

TuSDK provides a one-stop solution for mobile image process. With only a line of code, developers could have professional camera and image processing function for their apps. From the most basic function of camera, image processing and stickers decoration, TuSDK is developing the functions suitable for possible needs and scenarios in image industry, including face recognition, online storage, data mining, etc. With it, developers could quickly complete most of the graphic related functions and focus more on their own core business.