Codrim’s global premium traffic will help you acquire massive users.
Codrim’s data mining, tracking and monitoring system will help you optimize your ROI extensively.
Codrim’s performance marketing will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Accurate Data Analysis

Our globally located servers node and accurate tracking
technology will ensure your data accuracy to be 99.999%.

Worldwide Currency Support

Covered with most countries, our Multi-Currency policy will help
minimize the inconvenience and loss in exchange rate fluctuation.

Real-time Object Monitor

We support API and SDK omni-directional data collection,
real-time data monitor and millisecond- level response.

Visible Report

Our customized visible report allows you to check your
campaign details clearly and conveniently.

Costations Mobile Traffic Trading platform

Costations supplies the mobile Ads service with the use
of Cloud Technology for the global Ads companies and helps record
users’ data in the cloud. The sole mission of Costations is to resolve
the tech and traffic acquisition problems occurring in business
between advertisers and publishers. It aggregates the functions
of ad management, performance analysis, publishers management
and third-party tech integration, etc.


PAD Ads Optimization Service

Codrim’s PAD Ads Optimization Service is based on our Traffic
Trading platform and improved to help Ads companies to optimize
performance of Ads promotion fast and efficiently. All the existing
functions and big data mining in the PAD drive Multi-Dimension
optimization activities to hit the company’s promotion KPI and help
the company to be ahead of the curve.

Codrim Info
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Shengjing Global Innovation Awards (hereinafter referred to as GIA) is the world-class competition

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Codrim, the first global mobile traffic trading platform, professionally serves application advertisers

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Events for Costations' Launch

Costations is a global mobile traffic trading platform developed by Codrim Information Technology Co.,

Finally on the stage, always comes the Queen!

March 9 is the feast for Codrim Queens!